Photo Description: Professionally dressed blind black woman wearing a dark pink blazer, white blouse, sun glasses holding her white cane. Background behind her is the outside of a building with stairs over her right shoulder and benches to her right set on gray paver stones.

Join the Great Workforce of Blind People

Blind Work, is a unique job portal that connects employers with visually impaired job seekers. Our goal is to help the blind community find meaningful employment and to help businesses connect with the talent they need.

What is Blind Work

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Blind Work is the one centralized place where recruiters and corporations can tap into the blind work force. A place beyond where you were trained that you can highlight your skills to be hired and be paid based on your skill set to be paid what you field pays regardless of your current vision.

How Blind Work Helps You

Our organization markets to recruiters and corporations, educating them while bringing the awareness of the skill sets of the blind workforce. will list resources and training opportunities for the blind to increase their value to employers to move up or get back into the workforce.

Our Vision & Mission

This Vision is to change the perception of the capabilities of the blind to the employers around the world. To Make the largest database of resumes of trained potential low vision and blind employees. To change stereotype and false perceptions, bringing awareness regarding the capabilities that a visually impaired or blind candidate can provide their organizations. Our mission is to change the unemployment and under employment rate of the blind and make one of the sites recruiters and corporations will automatically go to when looking for qualified candidates for available positions..

Testimonials From Our Users

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